Advisory Board

Mike Becker, DVM

Dr. Mike Becker built up his veterinary hospital practice in San Antonio, TX to a yearly revenue of $13 million, and recently sold the practice for $26 million.

Dr. Becker worked his first location for 24 years, building it up to a yearly revenue of $2.8 million, then in 2010 he built and moved into his 21,500 sq. foot Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. This new and much larger facility was professionally designed and built from the ground up to become a 24,000 sq. feet facility on two acres located on the west bound lane of Hwy 10 in San Antonio.

At the time of the practice sale the Hospital had 95 lay staff and 9-12 doctors along with consultants in business, veterinary medicine, sales, and IT.

See his bio video.

Kevin Adney, DVM

Dr. Kevin Adney has been in practice as a veterinarian for 38 years. He has owned 6 practices during his career.

His current practice in Palm Harbor, FL will gross over $5 million in 2019. He has 40 staff and 6 associates doctors.

See his bio video.

Frank Camuso

Frank Camuso has owned 34 veterinary practices over his 22 year career. He currently owns 7 successful practices in the southern California area.

See his bio video.