The Front Desk Course

Increase the Effectiveness of the Most Vital Job for Your Practice with The Front Desk Course

How Does Your Front Desk Affect the Growth of Your Practice?

Anyone who has been in practice for any length of time knows that the Front Desk is a vital job in a practice. It’s a job that will tend to either come with high stress and high turnover or great rewards and benefits for a practice.

The amount of patient visits, potential new patients agreeing to receive care, patients reminded of their appointments and handled if they attempt to cancel; all of these are dependent on your Front Desk. A well-trained Front Desk has great potential to expand your practice. You would dramatically and stably increase the number of patient visits in your practice if your Front Desk is stable and well trained.

It is also a job that tends to have high-stress. It’s no surprise that there is so much turnover for the job. If your Front Desk is heavily stressed and unprepared to deal with it, chances are your practice will be, too! Training is key if you want to prevent high turnover with your Front Desk.

The Front Desk Course from EBM will help train your Front Desk in what they should be focusing on, how to handle the stresses of the job with ease and how to be a productive and viable team member.

Get your Front Desk (and yourself) trained on this invaluable course! Start the Front Desk Course today!

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The Front Desk Course